Jenny Gilbert

I wish to thank Phil and Jenny Gilbert for their generous support of the Symposium. Their donation serves as a memorial to Jenny and her courageous battle to the end of her life. She passed away in September 2016 aged 68 years.

Jenny was an impassioned member of the community, a dedicated, loving mother and wife and a devoted founding supporter of Children’s Medical Research Institute (CMRI) Hills Chapter. Jenny was a driving and unifying force during her daughters’ school years at Barker College and Tara School where she held executive positions in the Parent’s Associations of both institutions. Jenny’s rare ability to bring people together, her incredible enthusiasm and zest for life, her prodigious work ethic are treasured memories and live on in her beautiful daughters today.

Jenny devoted many thousands of hours to the CMRI. She opened her beautiful home in Dural to endless fundraising events for the Institute bringing joy and fun to many while raising awareness and tangible funds for important research.

When I mentioned I was chairing the 9th International Symposium on Auriculotherapy, as I believed more clinicians needed to understand the science behind the modality and the tremendous benefit it provided patients, Jenny and Phil were immediately supportive. They both found Auriculotherapy helpful in their own lives.

Dr Im Quah-Smith