June 2017 Update

Profs Baixiao Zhao and Rong Peijing are leading the delegation from China!

Latest auricular basic science and clinical research from China from auricular acupuncture for depression, auricular acupuncture mechanisms in the regulation of impaired glucose tolerance, to the use of auricular acupuncture in pain and motor rehabilitation after ischaemic stroke are of major importance in medicine today.

Prof David Alimi from the University of Pittsburgh USA, and also Emeritus Professor from University of Paris, France, presents his innovative technique using cryotherapy as the modality for auriculotherapy treatments.

Dr. Gary Stanton, neurologist from Boston will reveal the relevance of auriculotherapy (AT) in treating neurology patients today as well as share his knowledge on the use of AT in sleep medicine. Sleep disturbances are common in our over busy lives and lead to multiple psycho-neuro-endocrine-immunological (PNEI) dysfunctions.

Dr Chantal Vulliez, somatologist and well known dental, head and neck expert clinician from Lyon, France will present an in depth lecture and workshop on how auriculotherapy is helpful in the diagnosis and treatment of clinical problems.

Dr. Jacque Chelly, anaesthesiologist from the USA, presents his work on using auriculotherapy in peri-operative care.

Dr. Im Quah-Smith on behalf of Prof. JuLee Oei, neonatologist, RHW, UNSW, Australia and her team for the MAGNIFIC protocol (auriculotherapy in Neonatal Intensive Care NICU) will present this project on reducing pain and suffering in neonates in NICU. The project is in the process of becoming multicentered internationally.

Prof Wolfgang Raith (Austria) and Dr Jasmin Stadler (Austria) will also present their neonatal projects demonstrating how auriculotherapy is useful in NICU.

Dr Andrew Jan, emergency room physician uses Battlefield Acupuncture in the Emergency Room in Perth, Australia. The technique reduces central pain in patients, reduces the analgesia load and has the potential to not only reduce adverse effects, the potential to produce health costs savings for the community and Medicare.

Dr Michael Weber, Germany presents auriculotherapy for atrial fibrillation.

Dr. Claire Marie Rangon, paediatric neurologist (Paris) presents auriculotherapy in neurodevelopmental disorders. Highly relevant today.

Prof Gerhard Litscher from the Integrative Medicine Research Unit, University of Graz discusses the innovation research in auriculotherapy today.

Dr. Franca Deriu, University of Sassari, Sardinia, Italy, neurophysiologist, presents the connectivity from the auricular branches of cranial nerves 5 and 10 to the PNEI systems at the brain level. An excellent communicator!

Prof Frank Bahr, Germany is famous for his “extension medicine “ in auriculomedicine. In Singapore he speaks on mind-body-spirit and the auricle.

as well as presents his auriculo-mapping nomenclature in the discussion on this important topic. Not to be missed.


Dr Arnyce Pock, USA will present the correct techniques and applications for BFA. She will be sharing the outcomes of the USD$5.4M Department of Defence research project.

Dr Alexandre Yoshizumi’s (Sao Paolo, Brazil) outstanding work on auriculotherapy  and chromotherapy in post traumatic stress is extremely important in today’s mental health strategies. Its effectiveness is remarkable and needs to be seen. Worth the trip just to learn this strategy!!

Dr. Raphael Nogier (cautery, VAS), Prof Steven Aung (diagnosis and therapeutics), Dr Terry Oleson (essentials and nomenclature) and Dr. Jim Chalmers will share their extensive knowledge at both lectures and workshops with the delegates.  Please refer to the programme on the website for further information.


Please take action:

Many, many more interesting topics by excellent speakers from all over the world will be presented at the symposium. Please regularly check the website!

The programme will be finalized 4 weeks before the symposium.

Please register and book your accommodation soon. Both can be done on the website. Direct payment of registration fees by international bank transfer is also available. Singapore Independence Day is on the 9th August and this city- state will be very busy the week of the symposium.


I look forward to welcoming you to Singapore soon!

Best wishes

Im Quah-Smith,

Symposium President.

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